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Russian “Humanitarian Aid” convoy in Donetsk unloads “desperately needed food and medical supplies” – pallets of artillery shells. Image via @AbraxasSpa

Russia’s war against Ukraine – still called ”crisis” or ”conflict” in various media – is bad, yet weak, news. Despite the daily casualties and endless shelling, most Western media still, but two weeks shy of its inception, struggle to realize that there is actually a war on. This European war barely makes the page fifteen news, yet less front page headlines. People in the West blithely accept this, while in Russia, where there is hardly any free press left worthy of mention, state-operated propaganda channels work non-stop to stuff the brainwashed masses with hyperbole about a ”NATO legion” and tall tales of children crucified by the “Kiev junta in nazi Ukraine”. Yet this is only the beginning.

Getting away with annexation and an undeclared war is not however Putin’s greatest achievement. His greatest success is the engineering of a very powerful popular resentment against Western statesmen, governments and institutions. Now add to that a rapidly growing and very strong distrust of Western media, carefully directed and meticulously nurtured by the Kremlin over the past forty years. This very long-term and continuously upgraded campaign is surely not all Russia’s or Putin’s single-handed work: it could not have happened without the wilful, negligent and naïvely credulous cooperation of said parties. We – they – have dug our own graves, through procrastination, penny-wise pound-foolish greed, fear of ejection, vain hopes and endless corruption. Putin is merely putting flowers on the lid and shovelling dirt on top of the casket.

One might argue that my description adds further fuel to this strategy, that it is like pouring gasoline on a bonfire and part of a campaign to discredit Western media, statesmen and institutions. So be it: remaining mute about this campaign is worse than pointing it out, for silence perpetuates its existence and removes it from scrutiny. If we cannot see the dysfunctional, how can we ever fix it?

This resentment, this volatile despondency, is an effect of short-sighted, disloyal appeasement and Orwellian vocabulary aimed at downplaying Russia’s responsibility for the massacre of Ukraine and ultimately the dismemberment of Europe and society as we know it. The examples are so many as to become unbearable.

War is ”Peace”

Conquest is ”Cease-fire”

Annexation is ”Assimilation”

Terrorist is ”Rebel”

Aggressor is ”Separatist”

Downing is ”Accident”

Murder is ”Act of brutality”

Munitions supply is ”Human aid”

Puppet regime is ”People’s Republic”

Special Ops Operative is ”Polite man”

Soldier is ”Tourist”

Surrender is ”Negotiation”

Each time any of these travesties is blared out in the so-called ”free press”, the lie grows stronger and bolder. For each and every round of ”negotiation”, the resentment blossoms into full-scale disgust.

Do not for an instance believe that a single word, a single sentence or a single sloppy statement carries no weight or that it is of no import. It is of the utmost importance to cleanse the vocabulary, to speak up against these grotesque lies, to combat this awful degeneration of the public mind.

Who are the actors in this farce? It is your trusted journalist. It is your trusted editor. It is your ”trusted” politician and policy maker. It is your lobbyist, your ”expert commentator”, your every random voice in this babel of error, deceit and outright lies.

Who among your peers, politicians and journalists will you be able to trust when the stinking mess hits your own piece of Europe? When the alarm sounds in YOUR home town, will you scramble to arms or silently walk with the rest of the sheep to slaughter? When the dust finally settles over Ukraine, will you be wise enough to recognize the new world order, such as it threatens to become?

The signal to noise ratio today is working up to an almost intolerable level. There are so many false reports, so many destabilizing indicators, so many outright lies that the truth is but audible. I hope, for your own and Western civilization’s sake, that you may yet hear it.


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  • John Norén says:

    I don´t know if you read the homepage of the ukrainian defence ministry. They never mention any russian soldiers.
    They use the following words for the enemy:
    russian mercenaries
    pro Russia illegal armed formations
    pro Russia terrorist formations
    russian criminals
    LNR Army – penal battalion for Russian Criminals
    Pro Russian militants-terrorists”
    The Ukrainian Defence Ministry does not claim that Ukraine is at war with The Russian Federation. At least not on their homepage.
    John Norén

    • jkylander says:

      There are very valid reasons for Ukraine not to declare war with Russia, as I’m sure you’re aware.

      • John Norén says:

        Well, they could at least mention that there are russian soldiers in Ukraine. Maybe you know better than the ukrainian defence ministry. They use the word rebels frequently.

      • jkylander says:

        You deny the overt Russian presence in Ukraine? Do you believe in the “rebel” charade?

      • John Norén says:

        I am not a denier and I am not a believer. I collect information and the ministry of defence does not mention any russian soldiers. I don´t know why. That´s all.

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