Arise against Terrorussia

May 31, 2016 § 1 Comment

Hardly a day goes by without a fresh atrocity. Russia stands behind some of the most heinous crimes against humanity in modern time, yet hardly a move is made to do something about it. Governments and international political bodies avert their eyes. The media is silent, for their own peculiar reasons.

Russia’s transgressions are too many to recount. Witness carnage in Syria, the daily air attacks against civilians, hospitals and markets by Russia’s smirking pilots, carnage made possible by Russia’s unabridged support of Assad’s henchmen.

Witness the daily murderous grind in Ukraine where now upwards of 10,000 people have lost their lives because of Russia’s evil ambitions, where Russia’s operatives and goons roam without intervention, despite the presence of international observers, much fancy talk and limp UN resolutions.

Witness more than half of Chechnya’s population, slaughtered, displaced and forgotten with hardly a mention in Western media.

Witness Georgia, mutilated and subject to creeping annexation where people living near the border testify to overnight land grabs by Russia.

Witness the kidnappings and farcical trials of Eston Kohver from inside Estonia and of Nadiya Savchenko from inside Ukraine, witness the persecution and murder of Crimean Tatars.

Witness the flood of refugees, drowning in the Mediterranean and languishing in camps, purposely driven to flight by Russia and thus turned into a human weapon to destabilize Europe.

A festering boil

Russia – that is, its criminal leadership and military nervous system that drive its blood-soaked progress through time and space – is a festering boil on the body politic. It is cancer and corruption, a rotting corpse that somehow yet moves and infects humanity with its foul claws.

Russia – the country as such and the ordinary people who live there – is innocent. It is the vile system, the one that runs on terror, extortion and theft, which is at fault. Yet this same people have allowed that system to exist and thrive, they have accepted a maggot-like life in the vain hope that they will be spared personal attention from that great evil. The people of Russia live on their knees, on their bellies, slithering in the mud of their neglected villages. Yet we are not much different from them in their supplication.

This awful nation, this gangrene, sits in the United Nations General Assembly and in the United Nations Security Council, in daily defiance of its Charter and principles. How on Earth can we allow this?

We the Western countries do business and seek to win contract with this foul nation on a daily basis, ignoring or suppressing knowledge of its transgressions to better earn a buck. Why oh why do we allow this?

Russia sits brazenly in your living room sofa, a wretched, bloody, stinking creature, demanding service and respect despite its murderous apparition. How can you NOT evict that Russia from your home, bar your door and build a moat to keep it out?

Who in his right mind can defend this criminal nation, this plague, this brutal perpetrator of international terror? Appeasement will only encourage Russia. Appeasement proves to Russia that its strategy is working. It is high time to put a stop to the terror that is Russia.

Dismantle Terrorussia

Russia – its leadership and criminal system – must be dismantled. This blight on humanity and decency, this disruptive force, this awful criminal empire, cannot be allowed to live.

We must declare war on Russia – though not a shooting war. Russia must be suffocated and shunned. Russia must be banned, evicted and declared persona non grata. It cannot be allowed to remain in the UN. It must be shut out from trade and financial markets. It must be blockaded until its leadership cry uncle or until the Russian people awaken from its stupor and rid the world of this abomination.

We must demand unconditional surrender of Russia to the values that bond the civilized world: Freedom, equal opportunity, rule of law and respect for human rights. If Russia will not surrender, blockade and slow strangulation is the one and only remaining path.

You may say that Russia will fight such blockade with actual war, with invasion and nuclear arms. Russia uses this threat of world annihilation to remain in play, as extortionists do. However, like Russia, we too can apply pressure little by little, step by step. We can deny Russia access. We can stop fuelling our economies with Russia’s oppressive petroleum. We can demand that our governments take action – and replace them if they don’t. Russia cannot veto our right to choose, or go to war against our free will.

We must no allow criminal Russia to hold us hostage. We must live up our fundamental principles, or be lost forever.

This is our defining moment. Arise!


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§ One Response to Arise against Terrorussia

  • Simplicio says:

    Den internationella folkrätten ställer krav på att Sverige, liksom alla andra stater, besitter förmåga att värna den territoriella integriteten. I konkreta termer innebär det bl.a. att utländska ubåtar som olovligen gör intrång på svenskt territorium ska kunna upptäckas och avvisas eller bekämpas.

    Regeringen får enligt 15 kap. 13 § första stycket regeringsformen sätta in rikets försvarsmakt i enlighet med internationell rätt för att hindra en kränkning av rikets territorium.
    I bestämmelsens andra stycke bemyndigas regeringen att uppdra åt rikets försvarsmakt att använda våld i enlighet med internationell rätt för att förhindra kränkning av rikets territorium i fred eller i krig mellan främmande stater. Med stöd av bemyndigandet i 15 kap. 13 § andra stycket regeringsformen har regeringen beslutat förordningen (1982:756) om Försvarsmaktens ingripanden vid kränkningar av Sveriges territorium under fred, neutralitet, m.m. (IKFN-förordningen).

    Enligt 15 § IKFN-förordningen ska en utländsk ubåt som påträffas i undervattensläge inom svenskt inre vatten hindras från att bedriva fortsatt verksamhet där. Därvid får vapenmakt tillgripas utan föregående varning. Om det behövs, får sådana vapen användas som medför risk för att ubåten sänks eller görs manöveroduglig på något annat sätt. Om ubåten intar övervattensläge, ska den identifieras och för vidare åtgärder föras till en ankarplats.
    En utländsk ubåt som påträffas i undervattensläge inom territorialhavet ska avvisas från territoriet. Om det är nödvändigt ska vapenmakt tillgripas. Då särskilda förhållanden kräver det, får därvid enligt Försvarsmaktens bestämmande vapenmakt i syfte att förhindra fortsatt verksamhet tillgripas utan föregående varning.

    Hela kedjan, från statens skyldigheter via regeringens befogenheter och bemyndigande till Försvarsmaktens uppdrag och handlingsregler, är konsistent och glasklart reglerad. Varför tillåts då främmande makt att med sina ubåtar – år efter år – flagrant och frekvent kränka den svenska territoriella integriteten?

    Försvarsmakten – möter varje hot och klarar varje utmaning.
    Försvarsmakten har sällan varit bättre än nu…

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