The Watershed

August 7, 2022 § Leave a comment

In the wake of Amnesty International’s (AI) much maligned report on war crimes in Ukraine, which heaped unfair and highly immoral critique on Ukraine for the audacity of choosing defensive positions in its own (evacuated) urban areas against Russian assaults, a new dawn has broken.

While AI has been righteously and aptly castigated for its outrageous claims – first by tweeters on all levels of society and belatedly by major news outlets such as The Telegraph, The Times and others – the true nature of this event surpasses the “report” and AI as such. It is a watershed.

From here on, anyone who dares to apply the same kremlish narrative, the same double standard and the same false equivalence as displayed by AI will automatically join that particularly odious rank of “verstehers”, useful idiots and outright muscovite helpers.

Very few media outlets can safely say that they have steered the narrow path in the information arena of this war. The use of gravely misleading terms such as “rebels”, “separatists”, “Russia-backed proxies”, “DNR/LPR”, “Russia-aligned militants”, “civil war” etcetera ad nauseaum, taints the history of many if not most of publications, outlets and “think tanks” commenting or reporting on Russia’s war on Ukraine, the West and the rules-based order in general. Simple searches on the internet expose the width and depth of disinformation, ignorance and propagandization throughout the Western media establishment.

The end of false equivalence

Is this the end of false equivalence in relation to the war? Most likely not. It is however a highly useful benchmark that can be used to measure future content from any player in the arena. Journalists and editors worldwide better take careful note of the fact that any future attempt at describing the war and its many events with false equivalence – the “both sides carry responsibility” and “both sides are equally bad” narratives, with or without special mention of Russia – will cause a similar uproar as the one that has befallen Amnesty International. You simply do not get to play the victim-blaming game any more.

Separate from this observation, it is noteworthy that the now fully exposed agent of Russian disinformation has been used up for absolutely no gain. AI’s self-generated debacle is revealing in another dimension: One simply does not throw away years of infiltration, international repute and opportunity for future divisive action just like that. It is the equivalent of firing the entire arsenal of million-dollar Kalibr missiles into an empty field, or onto one’s own troops. This self-destruction of assets shows Kremlin’s growing desperation, or perhaps the lack of fingerspitzgefuhl, as it becomes ever more apparent how badly it is losing not only on the ground but in the information arena as well.

This highly publicized event does not only impact Amnesty International, its stature, membership and financial base. It impacts every single individual or entity that is doing Kremlin’s legwork. So keep a sharp lookout, and don’t hesitate to call a spade a spade.

Endnote: Muscovy Delenda Est. Arm Ukraine. Become a Fella.


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