The Imaginary Club is the opinionated realm of Johan Kylander, a 50-something marketing professional and resident of Stockholm, Sweden. If you like what you’re seeing, tell your friends and become a follower. Goupillon, by the way, is the French word for the military flail, a fearsome close-combat weapon that makes a very convincing statement under certain circumstances. It is also known as the Holy Water Sprinkler and is related to the Morning Star, aka Morgenstern and Goedentag. It’s quite a club.


I’m afraid I don’t have any fancy university degrees or diplomas to stun you with, nor can I impress you with job titles, peer reviews or scholarly articles in the field of geopolitics, history and conflict theory. I’m just an ordinary person with a club to wield.

What I DO have is 30 years of literary studies of psychology, political conflict, military strategy and tactics. I’m primarily interested in modern (19th century and onward) conflicts with a particular interest in the air force component. I also have some experience from small unit leadership, fieldcraft and conduct of mechanized warfare, albeit based on the format and doctrine of the Swedish army in the early 80’s. Further, I’m the author of a series of books on simulated air combat in the massively multiplayer online gaming environment. This doesn’t make me bona fide expert on military air combat, but you would be surprised how much of the virtual experience actually corresponds to the real.



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